Tsunami Skippers Jump Rope Team

Tsunami Skippers Jump Rope Team was founded in 2006. The goal of founders Stacey Dundas and Shannon Carey is to give kids an alternative sport in Clatsop county. A sport that would help young people learn teamwork, the benefits of exercise, self confidence and respect for others.

Over the years they have performed at events such as Elementary School Assemblies, Parades, Community events, corporate events as well as half-time show for High School, College and professional sports.

The Tsunami Skippers compete in open tournaments as well as regional, national and world championships each year. They have competed with grace, composure and are a great example of true sportsmanship!

Tsunami Skippers Performance/Event History

*1st Annual Cannon Beach Jump Rope Camp 2006-17
*Astor Elementary Performance Astoria, OR
*Muscle Beach Car Show 2007-to date
*Wheels & Waves Car Show performance 2007-08
*4th of July Celebration 2006-to date
*Awbrey Park Elementary performance Eugene, OR
*Seaside Health Awareness Clinic
*SHS Halftime show 2008-to date
*Relay for Life performance AHS
*Seaside Rotary Auction performance
*John Chapman Fundraiser performance (sponsors began)
*USAJR Rocky Mountain Camp, Boise Idaho
*OSNA performance Oaks Park, Portland OR
*USAJR Southern Camp, Huntsville TX
*Records Day Dallas, OR
*1st Annual HDUSA & TSJRT Workshop
*Out & About with Drew Carney KGW8 Banks HS
*Clatsop Care Performance
*Bainbridge Island Invitational 2011-to date
*Tournament of Champions 2011-to date
*Hot Dog USA Jump Rope & Gymnastics Camp
*USAJR Rocky Mountain Camp, Boise Idaho
*Washington School of the Deaf performance
*1st Annual Seaside Records Day
*USAJR Region 7 Championship Redmond, WA
*WJRC & Camp, Washington DC
*Keen performance
*USAJR Regionals Bainbridge Island
*Diabetes Health Fair
*4H Workshop
*Hot Dog USA Jump Rope & Gymnastics Camp
*Portland TrailBlazers pre-game show with Hot Dog USA
*USAJR Regionals Seaside OR
*Pacifica Project Presentation
*USAJR Nationals Longbeach, CA
*Columbia Sportwear performance
*Portland Trailblazer Halftime Show
*Senior Dinner performance 2015-to date
*Childrens Holiday Fair performance
*Pacifica Project presentation, SHS
*Oregon Coast Classic 2015-to date Seaside, OR
*Portland Thunder Halftime show
*SHE Celebration of the Arts 2014-15
*PanAmerican Championship Orlando, FL
*Multnomah Athletic club clinic/performance 2016 & 2018
*Camp Tapawingo performance Fall City, OR
*Portland Trailblazer Halftime
*Starlight Parade, Portland OR
*Cannon Beach Sandcastle Parade
*HDUSA Jump Rope/Gymnastics Camp Kirkland WA
*USCG Activity Fair
*Infinity Gymnastics Club
*Seaside Holiday Light Parade
*Out & About with Drew Carney KGW8
*Globetrotters Pre-game show 2018-19
*U of O Halftime show 2018
*6 Flags performance Vallejo CA
*U of O Halftime show
*Pacific Gardens Alzheimers Care performance
*WJR 2019 Oslofjord, Norway

"I have seen a transformation in my son since he joined Tsunami Skippers!  He has developed so much confidence, leadership skills, and has made friends he will have for life.  As a family, we get to travel and experience things we would not ordinarily do.  As a parent, I love my Tsunami Family!"
Kelli B, Mom
"We were new to the area and my daughter mentioned offhand wanting to try out for a jump rope team (I didn't even know that was a thing!). I admit to being skeptical at first but over the last year she has worked her tail off and had so much fun doing it!  She loves Tsunami Skippers and being a part of the awesome skippers community"
Jennifer S, Mom

Frequently Asked Questions

We hold try-outs only once a year in December and start our season in January. There is a list of tricks/requirements that must be executed in order to be on the team which can be found on our Facebook page.
We are flexible, we have been as Far East as Bend, Eugene south, Vancouver to the North.
ry-outs are based on ability not age.  If a child can perform the required skills they can be on the team.  The youngest is Kindergarten but more often then not 2nd or 3rd grade.
Typically 12-15 minutes with a group of 10-12 jumpers.

If you have any other questions, please contact us

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